The new album by CRM 114 -  "THE STRUGGLING MAN" - is released today.

Go straight to 'SHOP' and buy it without delay!!!


Simon & Sharon xxxxxxxx

8 November 2010 

The new album by CRM 114 -  "KOSHKA" - is released today.

Go straight to 'SHOP' and buy it without delay!!!


Simon & Sharon xxxxxxxx


28 October 2010 


Bad: The proposed single "Wormhole/Chrysalis" has had to be scrapped, due to budget-related issues. 

Good: The new album "Koshka" will now be released 3 weeks earlier than planned - on 8th November 2010!!!  Check out the new tracks on "Home."

I will be 41 in 2 days' time - yippee!!!


Simon xxxxx


1 October 2010 

CRM 114's FIRST EVER SINGLE, a 'double A-side' entitled  "Wormhole/Chrysalis," is released as a physical standalone CD, on 18 October 2010.  It will be priced 50p, and will be available from "SHOP" on this website.  Listen to it now on the "Home" page.

Xmas Number 1, eh?



10 September 2010 

CRM 114's new album, called "KOSHKA," will be released on 29 November 2010.  It will be preceeded by the FIRST EVER SINGLE release by CRM 114!  All will be revealed...




1 September 2010 

CRM 114 have been REBORN!!!  We have a NEW ALBUM called "KOSHKA" coming out in November.

More news very very soon.



 7 November 2009 

IMPORTANT - READ THIS. From now on, £4.00 from all sales of CRM 114 CDs will be donated to the "SAVE THE CHILDREN: EAST AFRICA APPEAL" until further notice.  This is in response to Midge Ure's continuing campaign.


22 August 2009 

NEW UPDATE - CRM 114's new album "Monomania" will now be released on August 31st 2009 - to celebrate the recent wedding of its 2 band members Simon J. Mills and Sharon Douglas - now Sharon MILLS.


8 August 2009 

UPDATE!!! - CRM 114's new album "Monomania" will now be released on August 24th 2009 - to coincide with the wedding of its 2 band members Simon J. Mills and Sharon Douglas.


30 June 2009 

We've officially started work on ALBUM NUMBER 11"Monomania" - out in September 2009!!!   The title track is sounding awesome!!!  More updates soon!!!!!!!


6 December 2008 

To celebrate the success of the current tour, CRM 114 have posted a new video for their song "Viddy Well Little Brother" on YouTube.  The song is taken from the band's fifth album "Bandage Man" (see shop).  Viddy well, my droogies!!!





23 September 2008

STOP PRESS!!!  In a shock move, CRM 114 have decided to release a 10th ALBUM entitled "THE LUXURY PLANET" - available from the "SHOP" NOW!!!


21 September 2008


NEW ALBUM "It's Enough To Want Too Much" is now available from Monday 22 September!  Get yer wallets out, my droogies!

Buy it from midnight tonight at the "SHOP"


23 August 2008

NEW ALBUM "To Avenge Man" available from Monday 25 AugustBe quick and grab your copy first thing - or lose out, my froods! 

Buy it NOW at the "SHOP"


12 August 2008

Check out our new video for "Jupiter Mission" below!  It's a groovy montage of Kubrick-related images, to accompany the track from our first album "Selling My Future" (see 'SHOP').  CRM 114 invades YouTube!!!





31 July 2008

Thanks to everyone who turned up to see us on Saturday at The Jericho Tavern in Oxford.  The "unplugged" version of "Lead And I'll Follow" went surprisingly well, considering that Dave (acoustic guitar) and Paul (tablas) had never even rehearsed it with us until that night!  You can hear the song on MySpace: - NOW!!!


21 July 2008

CRM 114 will be appearing LIVE at The Jericho Tavern, Oxford (supporting the Vogueabonds and Fake Bush) on 26 July 2008.  Tickets cost £10, and are available from - We will be debuting a super-psychedelic version of "Lead And I'll Follow", which is on our debut album "Selling My Future", available from our Shop.  Be there, or be oblong!!!


14 July 2008

We are proud to announce that CRM 114 are featured on the new compilation CD, "Experiment VI: Out Of The Trees", which is released on 26 July 2008, but can be pre-ordered from:

The four tracks included are: "Dream Logic", "A Pacifist's Defence", "Lead And I'll Follow" and "Jupiter Mission".  Other artists include: Garden2Garden, a'tris, Blood Ruby, Lissa Kathe and Orchestra 6.  Get your copy NOW!!!


1 July 2008

Thanks for all the support, guys!  Glad you like our music.



29 June 2008


Hi there and welcome to this, our very first bulletin.  We start with the exciting news of CRM 114's inclusion in a 'top secret' project.  All we can divulge at the moment, is that our public profile is about to expand immensely...  Watch this space for more news soon.

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